Hear the Roar at Sound Lion
Hang out and listen to music at our Listening Bar and learn about products to enhance your Personal Listening Experience.

At Sound Lion we believe that the best Personal Listening Experience comes from customizing specific product solutions to an individual’s taste and hearing structure. Everyone’s taste in music and sound is different, of course, but it's also important to know that everyone’s sense and perception of sound is different too. Depending on one’s ear structure (inside and outside), head size, age, and other factors, we all hear music and other sounds a bit differently. Additionally, all music listening products are made differently and are of differing quality.

The pathway to better sound, better music, and a customized listening solution is the Sound Lion Personal Listening Experience. At Sound Lion we offer the ability to try on different headphones at our Listening Bar. We believe that purchasing a listening product needs to be a customized experience during which several products are tested.

In each of our stores you can hang out at our Listening Bar and try out a product before buying it. You can test it on our in-house music or bring in your own. You even get free support after you purchase a sound product.

Our Sound Lion employees are here to help you customize a solution for your specific needs. Do you love music? Are you into Jazz or maybe Hip-Hop? Are you a bass freak? We can help. A sound product is not a one-size-fit all proposition. One particular style or brand of product may not fit all needs.

We know our products inside and out. We also understand hearing, the ear and some of the intricacies of sound and acoustics.

Finally, we certainly know our products, but we also know a thing or two about digital music. We can help you use music apps and other digital media as a way to experience better sound and better music.

Give us a try and let us enhance your Personal Listening Experience. See you soon.

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