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Within the United States: In the United States total project costs to open and operate a single venue can be between US $174,300 and US $279,500 including $35,000 that must be paid to the franchisor as an initial franchise fee. This amount will vary depending upon what type of venue you choose for your location, i.e. mall or lifestyle center. The amount will be substantially more if you are considering more than one store, such as a franchise development agreement.

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What Are The Fees?

Single and subsequent single Venue agreements in the United States: The initial fee for a single Venue in the US is US $35,000. The royalty is four percent (4%) of gross sales, which is paid weekly. In addition, one half of one percent (0.5%) of gross sales is contributed to the Brand Building & Marketing Support Fund on a weekly basis. (see below)

Does Sound Lion® Provide Financing?

Sound Lion® does not provide financing or derive profits from outside lenders. The company can assist with finding appropriate lenders for individual financing needs.

What is The Brand Building & Marketing Support Fund?

This fund provides franchisees with professional visual merchandising and local marketing materials. Fees contributed to the Brand Building & Marketing Support Fund are paid weekly and are currently one half of one percent (0.5%) of gross sales.

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The materials on this website are for general information only and are not intended as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. Certain jurisdictions regulate the offer and sale of franchises. If the offer or sale is regulated by any of these jurisdictions, we will not offer or sell you a franchise unless and until we have complied with all applicable requirements.

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